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Polyurethane binder

Polyurethane binders are  used for installation of EPDM, rubber tiles and artificial grass.
The adhesive is a synthetic, colorless and non-toxic. When is  mixed with rubber  form a soft, strong, elastic and durable flooring.
The final product(flooring) properties  are  strongly influenced by the quality of the polyurethane binder, as well as proper installation and exploitation.

Polyurethane adhesive are two types: one-component and two-component.
One-component adhesive is composed of polyester compounds and hardener. Setting time is 60-90 minutes.
The structure of the two component adhesive also includes polyester compounds and hardener but setting time is 30-40 minutes ,so mixing has to be done just before applying on the surface..

Application area:

•    installation of  rubber tiles;
•    installation of rubber flooring and EPDM granules;
•    installation of artificial grass;
•    production of rubber tiles and pavers;

And do not forget that the choice of adhesive is important to obtain high-quality products and floorings.

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