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Rolled rubber flooring

roll rubber

roll rubber

roll rubber

roll rubber

roll rubber

What is a rolled rubber flooring?

Rolled rubber floors are produced by  three main components: rubber granules, color pigment and polyurethane adhesive.

Where can  be used?

Rubber rolls  can be used as flooring for gyms, kindergartens, playgrounds, skate parks, shooting ranges, floors in hоuses, villas and many more. Wide range of application  is possible thanks to a number of positive qualities of the material:

• endurance;

• long lifetime (average 10 years);

• environmentally friendly, safe for humans and animals;

• resistance to mold and mildew;

• еasy maintenance;

• absorbs sound;

• toughness at high and low temperature (from -50o to + 120 °);

• wide range of colors .